Digital Cinema Packages

TrueDCP uses DVS CLIPSTER workstation for Digital Cinema Mastering, DCP creation, which is the best in industry.

Why TrueDCP ?

High Quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) Digital Cinema Encoding, , in a secure environment and at affordable prices.

Our Expertise

Encode highest quality JPEG2000 (XYZ Colour Space) files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration, J2K Mastering, DCP VERSIONING

About us

TrueDCP’s staff comprises highly experienced industry professionals who understand the unique nature of the Film Production/Post Production business and recognize the importance of responsive, personalized service.

TrueDCP helps you to create a high-resolution master for distribution to Digital Cinema screens. We understand the technical and financial challenges that film makers and distributors face whilst distributing their films in Digital Cinemas. We are hereto help you with highly affordable Digital Cinema Packages of highest quality and prompt customer service and care.

TrueDCP uses DVS CLIPSTER workstation for DCP creation.The DVS CLIPSTER workstation is the system of choice for theEntertainment Industry's most prestigious Film Studios &Mastering Facilities. It performs all the necessary DCI functions including KDM encryption & QC that are involved in DCI compliant DCP creation.