Digital Cinema Packages

TrueDCP uses DVS CLIPSTER workstation for Digital Cinema Mastering, DCP creation, which is the best in industry.

Why TrueDCP ?

High Quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) Digital Cinema Encoding, , in a secure environment and at affordable prices.

Our Expertise

Encode highest quality JPEG2000 (XYZ Colour Space) files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration, J2K Mastering, DCP VERSIONING

Prices for Digital Cinema Mastering Services

DCP Price List /Unit

2D/3D DCP Mastering for Features

2D DCP Mastering (2K) Standard (2 days) Rs 35000
2D DCP Mastering (2K) Express ( Same day) Rs 45000
2D DCP Mastering (4K) Standard (2 days) Rs 55000
2D DCP Mastering (4K) Express (Same day) Rs 75000
3D DCP Mastering (2K) Standard (2 day) Rs 55000
3D DCP Mastering (2K) Express (Same day) Rs 75000

TVC,Trailers & Shorts

TVC / Trailers (Same Day) Rs 5000
Documentary/Shorts ( Dur >= 15 Mins)  (Same Day) Rs 12000

Quality Check Services*

5 Minute Test Check in DCI Compliant Preview Room  NO CHARGE
Preview Theater (DCI/Dolby Compliant ) RS 15000

Additional Services*

Additional Versioning Rs 18000 2D (2K) 
RS 28000 2D (4K)
RS 28000 3D (2K)
Adding of Subtitles @ per Language Rs 8000
Adding Additional Soundtracks @ per track Rs 8000
DCP Conversions to MOV & Any Other Formats Rs 25000
Subtitles Conversion from ( SRT,TXT,DOC etc to DLP/XML Format ) Rs 12000
DCP Editing, Effects, Graphics Rs 1500(Hour)

* Media Cost & Courier charges will be additional Cost & Applicable Taxes

Submission Guidelines For Digital Cinema Encoding

File Formats
  • QuickTime ProRes
    (422 and 444)
  • Cineon
  • DPX
  • TIF & many more
Additional Soundtracks file Format .wav
Subtitles File Formats DLP/XML Files
Hard Drives ( Formats )
  • Windows NTFS
  • Linux EXT2/3
  • Mac

We request that Data DelIvered for DCP, you make sure it is 7200RPM with at least a firewire 400 port but ideally an ESATA or USB 3 connection is preferable. If sending drives from abroad we recommend sending two copies in case one gets damaged in transit. Please do not submit on RAID  0 drives as they are too fragile. Please make sure hard drives are packed carefully with plenty of foam / bubble wrap. We cannot be held responsible if a hard drive arrives damaged.