Digital Cinema Packages

TrueDCP uses DVS CLIPSTER workstation for Digital Cinema Mastering, DCP creation, which is the best in industry.

Why TrueDCP ?

High Quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) Digital Cinema Encoding, , in a secure environment and at affordable prices.

Our Expertise

Encode highest quality JPEG2000 (XYZ Colour Space) files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration, J2K Mastering, DCP VERSIONING

Digital Cinema Services

We help you to create DCI compliant High Quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) in a secure environment and at affordable prices.

Our ‘True’ Digital Cinema Package service includes the following:

  • Ingest Project onto ‘True’ DCP Server
  • Format Project & Sync Sound
  • Create DCP
  • Aspect Ratio Conversions
  • Conform Audio & Video
  • Convert Project to DCI / XYZ Colour Space
  • JPEG 2000 Encoding
  • MXF Wrapper
  • XML File Creation
  • Render to Server
  • Transfer to CRU /USB Hard-Drive
  • Generate QC Report Online

Additional Products & Services...

  • Stereoscopic 3D DCP
  • KDM Key Delivery Message Generation
  • Subtitling
  • DCP Editing, Effects, Graphics
  • Additional DCP Versioning
  • Duplication of DCP Clones
  • Linux-Formatted CRU/USB HDD 2.0/3.0
  • Preview Theatre Hire ( DCI Compliant)
  • DCP Conversions to MOV & Many Formats

Digital Cinema Process Timelines*

  • Turnaround for features-48 hours
  • Turnaround for trailers and adverts-4 hours

*Need to Book in Advance