Digital Cinema Packages

TrueDCP uses DVS CLIPSTER workstation for Digital Cinema Mastering, DCP creation, which is the best in industry.

Why TrueDCP ?

High Quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) Digital Cinema Encoding, , in a secure environment and at affordable prices.

Our Expertise

Encode highest quality JPEG2000 (XYZ Colour Space) files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration, J2K Mastering, DCP VERSIONING

Testimonials - Digital Cinema Mastering ....


I worked with the wonderful team at TrueDCP for my retrospective at IFFI 2014. The team is not only knowledgeable but also very highly responsive at short notice. Plus they don’t have any hidden costs as compared to some of the other facilities in Mumbai.
- Jahnu Barua (Award Winning Indian Film Maker)


I have worked on 2 projects and I must admit that my experience has been the most satisfying compared to all the places that I have worked in India or elsewhere in the world. The team is extremely proactive and they guide you through the technology quagmire like a family friend. I have recommended a lot of other filmmakers to use their services.
- Shehad Rafique ( International Pakistani Film Maker)


During my several visits to India, I just deliver the material and pick it up at an appointed hour. I get all the time to explore Mumbai, shop and do my own thing as their technicians do their job and deliver the material well within time.
- Tony Viegas ( Post Production Studio Owner in Rio De Janeiro)


My experience has been so good that I have recommended many Sri Lankan Producers & Directors to use their facilities and till now everyone has come back happy and in turn have recommended more people to get their work done at their facility.
- Nishanta Pradeep Mohottige ( Sri Lankan Film Distributor/Exhibitor)


I have had a great association with them. They have always delivered results that are excellent is all respects; maintaining time-lines and all deliverables in an equally efficient and professional manner. For our Oscar Entry ‘The Good Road’, making the DCP at their facility was naturally our first choice since I was very confident that their output will be at par with Hollywood Academy Standards in terms of Quality and Compatibility.
- Amitabha Singh ( Award Winning Cinematographer & Producer)